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Do THIS for Animals, Ourselves and Mother Earth

I think this year is THE year to use your dollars, Euros and pounds for good and to send a message to the corporations and governments that WE CARE about each other, the animals, and a clean and livable earth for all.

Make no mistake, everything we buy makes a statement. Are you supporting the "life economy," or the "death economy?" Are you supporting businesses who do their best to support animal and human causes and non-profits you care about? Are you buying gifts that support sustainability by using recycled materials, fair trade, organic and carefully sourced materials?

What about the foods, treats and toys you buy for your beloved animals? Here's a list for you to start with. Please do your own research and spread the word to family and friends to buy local and/or support life and health for ALL!

Foods for Your Animals

You know I feel that raw is best for most dogs and cats. My current favorites use as much organic and free-range, humanely raised meats and produce as possible. They are:


Rad Cat:

Stella & Chewy’s, which I mix with Rad Cat:

There may be some local places that make good, organic raw mixes. Look for them in your area.

Shipped to your door raw meals:

Balanced Blends:

Of course, I recommend that you read my book, The Holistic Animal Handbook (Council Oak Books 2004) for guidance as well as Dr. Jean Hofve & Celeste Yarnall's books, Paleo Dog (Rodale Press 2014), and Holistic Cat Care (Quarry Books 2009). If you can, support your local bookstore and order the books from them before relying on Amazon. They are becoming one of the largest corporations anywhere!

For dry and canned, check out this site: Talk to your locally owned pet food shop for their recommendations of the "cleanest," organic and humanely sourced options.

Eco Friendly Toys, Beds, etc.

Cat Fairies:

Beco Pets:

Check out your local farmers markets, holiday bazaars, school fairs, etc. for wonderful hand-made cat and dog toys.

Home Energy

One of the biggest and best ways you can support clean air everywhere for everyone is to STOP using electricity from oil, gas and coal. If you can't invest in solar panels, you can easily get your electricity from wind like we do. For a few extra dollars a month (we spend $13), Arcadia Power will interface with your electric company to ensure all your electricity (house, apartment, office, shop) comes from wind, and in some places you can choose solar!!

Sign up today, receive a $25 credit as my friend, and stop supporting the dirty mega corporations which are the biggest players in the death economy! www.arcadiapower/kathyrn1971

Everything Else

The Environmental Working Group is a great resource for eating safely, sustainably and buying from companies that support a Life Economy. They provide fabulous resources as well as advocate for a healthier world for everyone.

I hope you find this helpful and can use all your holiday giving dollars in support of the Life Economy. Every choice you make matters! The animals thank you, Our Earth thanks you and I thank you.

Happy Holidays to living beings everywhere!

with Love and Gratitude to all,


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