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Supporting Wild Ones & The Future

Last week I shared multiple ways to participate in the "Life Economy." Many of you already support numerous non-profit and advocacy organizations that are working tirelessly to protect wildlife, the environment, clean air and water and more. Thank you!

For those of you who have not made your charitable giving decisions, I will share some of my favorite organizations with you. You may know some of them, but others are probably new to you. Here are some categories to help you as well. Right now, some of these organizations have matching gift offers going on. Anything you give will be doubled!

Advocacy & Legal Action

You are all aware of the unprecedented, reprehensible assault on our environment, public lands, air, water and wildlife at the hands of the current people in Washington. Here are some organizations taking legal actions to slow down, stop this, and hold the destroyers accountable.

Environmental Defense Fund:

Natural Resources Defense Council:

Sierra Club:

Friends of the Earth:

Ocean Conservancy:

Defenders of Wildlife:

National Wildlife Federation:

Union of Concerned Scientists:

Humane Society of the United States:

Saving Animals

These groups (and many of the above groups) work with the local communities to help protect wild animal populations AND local livelihoods for a healthy future for animals and humans together.

Cheetah Conservation Fund:

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:

African Wildlife Foundation:

International Fund for Animal Welfare:

Something Really Unique

This organization is one-of-a-kind. At Earthfire Institute, wolves, fox, bison, bears, coyotes, and more, live in harmony with people and interact on their own terms with visitors. Earthfire is a true Eden on Earth where humans can experience a deep connection seldom reached anywhere else. If your dream (like mine) is to see and feel what it's like to truly reconnect with, walk side-by-side or sit tranquilly with wild beings, it is happening for real at Earthfire Institute in Idaho.

Earthfire Institute:

Thank you for donating to any organization, local, national, international, that is dedicated to making our Earth healthy, safe and sustainable for every breathing being.

Warmest wishes and Happy Giving to all!


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