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Supporting Grieving Animals

Not too long ago people believed that animals did not feel or express grief the way humans do. Fairly recently, science has "proven" something we knew all along: animals feel and express grief for loved ones they've lost.

How can you best support your dog, cat, horse, rabbit, bird, snake, iguana... pass through the stages of grief when an animal or human companion has died? Here are some tips.

1) Be present and notice changes in their behaviors. Are they quieter? Are they needy or want more "alone time?" Has their eating changed? Have they started chewing on themselves or destroyed something?

2) I always recommend putting animals on Bach Flowers or other remedies to support them ASAP. Often, this can best be begun during the dying process of their loved one. If that's not possible, start as soon as you can after the death.

The two Bach Flowers I most often choose are Honeysuckle, for the loss of someone dear and to replace depleted energies, and Water Violet, to comfort grief. If you don't have those two to start, give Rescue Remedy until you can obtain the other two. Rescue Remedy is especially helpful if the death has been sudden.

Flower remedies are ideal because they work in the emotional body of a person or animal to help re-establish balance and harmony. Flower remedies will not mask or eliminate the grief. They will help modulate the peaks and valleys, as well as shorten the grieving process in the best, most gentle ways for that animal or person.

Remedies do not have to be given by mouth. They can be added to water, or food, sprayed on bedding, or my favorite way, petted on your animal. (That way you both get some). Different remedies can be combined in one dosage bottle for ease and efficacy. Give frequently throughout the day until it's clear they are no longer needed.

Allow yourself and your animals quiet, peaceful nurturing TIME. Grief can be a healing, transformational process when handled lovingly.

I am here to help. Please contact me if your animals experience depression, stop eating, get into conflicts with other animal family members or do anything else that's worrisome. In addition to supplying you with more suggestions and tools for re-establishing harmony, as well as giving your animals a voice to express their grief, I can provide long distance, loving energy work that helps them release grief, guilt and pain to restore peace and balance. Love is always the best medicine.

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