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The Eagle and the Mouse Are You!

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? I bet, that if some of them included intentions like, “This year, I’ll do more for animals,” or “This year I’ll be a more conscious consumer,” you’re already succeeding. Let’s take a look.

Sometimes we set big goals for ourselves and are disappointed when we can’t reach them. Other times, we think too small. I invite you to utilize both the eagle’s perspective and the mouse’s. The eagle sees the Earth from the sky, and can see how things fit together. Imagine being able to soar above your life and look down and see it as a whole. What choices would you make?

Now, imagine you have mouse’s perspective on your life. You are focused on the tiniest details, gathering, seeing what needs immediate attention, thinking about right now! How would your choices by informed by mouse’s perspective?

In our commitment to be a better Earthling, to act as if all Life matters, we need to balance back and forth between the eagle’s and the mouse’s perspectives. The big picture is having the wisdom to look at the whole picture. How are humans interacting with other species on Mother Earth? How are we treating our Mother? What can one eagle do differently?

First, acknowledge yourself for even being able to perceive as eagle does. Not many people are awake and aware enough to do that. Second, accept that you, as one eagle, cannot change everything, but you can change how your energy contributes to the whole. This is where big picture resolutions come in.

What is your plan for supporting Mother Earth this year? Here’s a check list:

  1. Are you shopping locally whenever possible?

  2. Are you using more washable towels in the kitchen than paper ones?

  3. Are you using your own cloth bags at the store, avoiding plastic bags and single-use containers whenever possible?

  4. Are you recycling paper, cans and glass?

  5. Are you using “earth-friendly” household cleaners?

  6. Are you switching to wind or solar power?

  7. Can you drive an electric car, hybrid or energy-efficient one and/or take more public transportation?

  8. Which Life-protecting organizations are your supporting and why?

  9. Are you voting for earth-friendly, socially caring and responsible candidates?

  10. What else? Fill in the blank………………………………………………………………..

Let’s look at things now from mouse’s perspective. What are you doing for yourself, your family and the animals every day?

  1. Are you exercising in a way that loves your body?

  2. Will you eat more organic fruits and vegetables, less meats and more organic, pasture-raised meats and eggs? (Same for feeding your cats, dogs, bunnies, horses…)

  3. Are you using cruelty-free, chemical-free skin care and make-up?

  4. Do you bring your own coffee cup to the coffee shop and support local, fair-trade shops?

  5. Are you taking clothes and house-hold items you aren’t using to charity and shelter-supporting thrift stores and shopping there too?

  6. Do you feed the birds and put water out for them?

  7. Are you careful with your water use and conserve heat?

  8. Do you use a push mower instead of a gas or electric one?

  9. What else? Fill in the blank………………………………………………….

See! Look at all the good you’re doing. Keep checking in with your eagle eye and mouse’s whiskers to keep excellent tabs on all the progress you’re making. Mother Earth thanks you, the animals thank you, and I thank you!

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