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What's The Foundation of Your Animal's Health?

In two words: Immune System. Our dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, ferrets, turtles, and us depend upon a healthy immune system to protect us all from invaders like viruses, unfriendly bacteria, allergens, etc.

Depending on the source you read, 70-90% of the immune system depends upon a healthy gut. Every individual animal and human has their own personal gut flora or microbiome, composed of gazillions (that's the technical term) of living microorganisms or health-supporting bacteria. This living colony has it's own intelligence and lives in a symbiotic relationship with its host.

If the Microbiome Ain't Happy, Nobody is Happy

Keeping our microbiome, and the microbiome of our animals healthy, is critical to a strong, optimally functioning immune system. Unfortunately, there are many challenges to both in our world. Toxins in air and water, food additives, antibiotics and other medications, chemical household cleansers, air fresheners, electromagnetic overload, stress... the list goes on and on.

Support Their Gut and Immune Systems

Each animal and person has specific needs. These are influenced by genetics, mother's health, diet in the earliest days and months of life, age, activity level, exposure to toxins, diet, stress, traumas, etc. Once you've taken those into consideration, here are some basic essentials to explore and include to support gut and immune health.

1) A fresh or frozen raw diet or cooked balanced diet

2) Pro and PRE biotics

3) Digestive enzyme support

4) Immune boosting foods such as medicinal mushrooms, Moringa, Colostrum

5) Antioxidants: Vitamins C, D, E, Blue Green algae

Some Excellent Resources

Here are some of my favorites to look into:

"Optagest" Digestive enzymes and the PRE biotic, FOS

Transfer Factor, Feline and Canine Complete

BioSuperfood Blue Green Algae

Dr. Mercola's Immune Balance

Talk with Me

If your animal is experiencing any immune or gut issues, an animal communication session can help us zero in on the problem, as well as help you know what therapies (Chinese medicine, Homeopathy, better nutrition, specific supplements, western herbs, etc) most resonate with your individual animal companion. Click here to schedule a session for you and your beloved soon. With clarity and a plan going forward, your animal can return to a strong immune system.

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