• Kate Solisti

A Safe, Nourishing Dog Chew

I recently came across an article about "bully sticks," a popular chew stick for dogs. I knew that they are dried beef penises (also referred to a "pizzels"), but I didn't know that they are not only one of the safest chews you can give your dog, but they are also nutritious!

In addition to that, bully sticks use a part of the bull that would otherwise be discarded (wasted). They are also minimally processed with less chemicals, dyes or pesticides, which are sadly common in rawhide and other chews. And, since not all of you are comfortable with raw, meaty bones which can splinter, shear or break, bully sticks provide an excellent alternative.

Size Matters

Bully sticks come in different sizes to suit different size dogs. Choose a bully stick large enough that your dog will enjoy it, not too big, and not too small. You can find them straight, twisted or braided, providing more exercise for your dog's jaw and gums.

Bully sticks are hard enough, similar to rawhide, but without all the problems associated with rawhide (chemicals, intestinal blocking, choking hazard...) Bully sticks can provide many of the same benefits as bones including, plaque and tartar control, preventing gingivitis and periodontal disease as well as keeping teeth and breath fresh between tooth brushing or dental visits.

They're nutritious!

They are 100% beef, naturally low fat and easily digested. Here's the good nutrients they contain:

* protein for muscles and organs

* calcium for bones and teeth

* magnesium for the nervous system and absorption of calcium, vitamins, C, E and B's

* taurine for healthy heart, brain and eyes

So, next time you're looking for a safe, nutritious chew for your dog, check out bully sticks, beef pizzles and thank a bull!

(Here's a link to bully sticks from grass-fed, free-range bulls: BestBullyStick, but feel free to look for others.)

Keep those mouths, teeth and gums healthy for your beloved dog's long life!

with Love and gratitude for all,


Heading 6

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